"We rely on PerAspera to keep us up-to-date on the latest technology. They are here when we need them to make sure our facilities stay in production..."

Gary Fenton CFO, Laminate Works Inc.

A Recipe For Success

Technology is a key ingredient helping Laminate Works, Inc. put customers first updated

If you ask Bert Clothier, the president of Laminate Works Inc., what creates value in his business, he is likely to tell you it’s all in the recipe.

“Part of the magic of a recipe is determining what ingredients work together and the balance of how much of each makes the dish perfect,” says Clothier, who founded the company fifteen years ago.

The recipe appears to be working. The Kansas City area-based company, which manufactures laminated parts and panels, expanded into the Dallas market in 2008.

Essential ingredients in the Laminate Works recipe include confirming orders and quotes within 24 hours, providing quick (and when possible, immediate) updates should changing circumstances affect previous commitments, and creative problem-solving–both internally and for customers.

Meeting these objectives requires reliable technology to coordinate and communicate between three locations: plants in Kansas City and Dallas, as well as the corporate headquarters in Leawood.

It is essential to keep critical information flowing without interrupting production. Laminate Works has partnered with PerAspera Consulting, LLC since 2007, when the manufacturer had only a single location in the Armourdale district of Kansas City, KS.

Over the past seven years, PerAspera has guided Laminate Works in a gradual transition from a legacy, server-and-VPN-based network to a cloud-based infrastructure more appropriate to the company’s current distributed footprint.

“We rely on PerAspera to keep us up-to-date with the latest technology,” says Laminate Works CFO Gary Fenton, “They are here when we need them to make sure our facilities stay in production, and in communication with one another.”

For PerAspera president Brian S. Pauls, it’s all about helping Laminate Works achieve Clothier’s vision of the ideal recipe.
“IT strategy and management are just two of several ingredients, but they are vital ingredients. Laminate Works depends on their technology systems to ensure they can meet ambitious customer-service goals. We are the element that makes that happen, and we take our role very seriously.”

Clothier agrees that vendors like PerAspera are essential to the recipe:

“I can paint a picture of the dish but our employees, customers and vendors make the dish real. No one knows what the dish tastes like from my picture. Together, we bring it from values or ideals that look good on a poster, to something we can taste, smell and enjoy. The real secret to our recipe is this, our employees, our customers, and our vendors.“