21Oct 2015

chromiumIf your business is like most organizations, you have a lot of old hardware sitting around. In particular, you may have a stack of retired laptops in the closet—machines with processors that are just a bit too slow, or that don’t have quite enough memory to run the current version of Windows.

The odds are you’re not keeping these systems for any particular reason—they were probably depreciated long ago. Perhaps you just haven’t taken the time to dispose of them properly. On the other hand, maybe part of you thinks it’s a shame to throw out working computers, even if they aren’t up to running the latest-and-greatest operating system from Microsoft.

Enter CloudReady from Neverware, a distribution of Chromium OS (the open source version of Chrome). With CloudReady, you may be able to simply and easily turn those old laptops into functioning Chromebooks. If you like the idea of giving new life to previously discarded hardware, Ars Technica has a full write-up.

Most of our staff functions on Chromebooks and Chromeboxes, so we know the business advantages of the what the article calls the “Google ecosystem.”

So before you throw out several thousand dollars worth of functioning computer equipment, you might give CloudReady a try.


Brian S. Pauls is the president of PerAspera Consulting, LLC, providing comprehensive technology solutions–from the Web, to mobile devices, to the desktop. He strongly believes there are two types of Web browser in the world–Chrome, and everything else.